Are you thinking about submitting to PMUSER, but are unsure whether your paper will fit our criteria?

PMUSER publishes a variety of article types, and they’re not limited to original research (see our author guidelines here)! We also accept the submission of reviews, methods articles, and short communications, in addition to longer original research articles. Poster abstracts from theses and other courses are also submittable.

We’re interested in any STEM-related undergraduate work provided it is scientifically sound. Publication decisions aren’t made with regards to novelty: so don’t worry if you have negative results, or are working on a replication study! In fact, we strongly encourage that type of work. And remember: quality over quantity. Brief “Note”, or “Short Communication” style manuscripts are more than welcome here.

Appropriate articles for submission may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Summer research projects
  • Co-op reports
  • Projects completed through topics courses
  • Literature reviews
  • Honours theses
  • High quality term papers

Check out our nifty flowchart below to see whether your work can be submitted to PMUSER. It looks busy, but it’s not all-encompassing: if you’re still unsure, shoot us a quick email at: We don’t bite.



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